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    Christmas in Canada: Free Postcards!
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  • Principle 1 – Responsibility
    The Red Tent Collective is responsible for personal information under its control and designates associates who are accountable for our compliance with the following principles. Other individuals within The Red Tent Collective may be delegated to act on behalf of the designated person(s) or to take responsibility for the day-to-day processing of personal information. We also ensure that your personal information is protected when it is processed by one of our service providers, affiliates or partners.
  • Principle 2 – Purposeful Collection of Personal Information
    The Red Tent Collective outlines the purposes for which we gather personal information at or prior to the time of collection. Unless compelled or permitted by law, The Red Tent Collective will not employ or divulge personal information for new purposes without first establishing and obtaining appropriate consent for the new intent
  • Principle 3 – Consent for Collection, Use, or Disclosure
    Your informed consent is requisite for The Red Tent Collective to collect, utilize, or share your personal information, except under specific circumstances where not mandated by relevant privacy legislation. When determining the suitable form of consent, we consider the sensitivity of the personal information and what a reasonable individual would anticipate. You maintain the prerogative to revoke consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable advance notice.
  • Principle 4 – Restricted Collection of Personal Information
    Red Tent Collective procures personal information using fair and lawful methods and restricts its collection to the purposes explicitly disclosed in our relevant privacy notices or otherwise communicated.
  • Principle 5 – Prudent Use, Disclosure, and Retention of Personal Information
    Personal information entrusted to The Red Tent Collective is employed solely for the specified purposes, unless you provide consent, or exceptions arise as defined by applicable privacy regulations, or as necessitated by law. Access to personal information is granted solely to The Red Tent Collective team members whose responsibilities warrant it. Retention and destruction of personal information follow prescribed guidelines, procedures, and controls. Once data is no longer relevant for the identified objectives or obligated to be retained by law, it will be expunged, erased, or rendered anonymous.
  • Principle 6 – Accuracy of Personal Information
    Personal information must be accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date to fulfill its intended uses. Upon notification from you, The Red Tent Collective will endeavor to keep your personal information accurate and current to meet the identified objectives.
  • Principle 7 – Security Measures
    The Red Tent Collective employs suitable security safeguards commensurate with the sensitivity of the information to protect your personal data. Our team members with access to your personal information are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations. Shared personal information with service providers is safeguarded through various means, including contractual agreements specifying confidentiality, privacy, security, and usage. Personal information is processed and stored in by Wix or in its other permissible jurisdictions, with adequate security measures in place. However, foreign government agencies may access this information under relevant laws.
  • Principle 8 – Transparency in Policies and Practices
    The Red Tent Collective maintains readily accessible information about our policies and practices concerning the management of personal information.
  • Principle 9 – Access to Personal Information
    Upon request, The Red Tent Collective discloses the existence, use, and disclosure of your personal information and grants access to it in compliance with applicable privacy laws. You have the right to challenge the accuracy and completeness of your information and request appropriate amendments. Access to your personal information is provided in an intelligible form, within a reasonable timeframe, and at minimal or no cost. To ensure the security of your data, you may need to provide sufficient identification for verification purposes.
  • Principle 10 – Addressing Compliance Concerns
    If you have concerns regarding compliance with the above principles, you can direct your challenge to The Greys of The Red Tent Collective at The Red Tent Collective maintains procedures to address inquiries and complaints related to the management of personal information and undertakes investigations as required. Justified complaints lead to corrective measures, potentially including policy and procedure amendments. While you have the option to seek guidance from the Privacy Commissioner's Office in your country and lodge a formal complaint, it is recommended to first utilize The Red Tent Collective's complaint resolution procedures.
  • Why do we collect data?
    Why do we embark on the journey of data collection? The answer is elegantly simple: because every piece of data we gather weaves a narrative, telling a tale of insights and possibilities. Data, for us, is not just raw information; it's the key to unlocking value for our esteemed visitors and members, the compass guiding us to uncharted prospects. Our pursuit of these noble objectives is underpinned by the collection and utilization of data, which falls into four distinct categories, each serving a unique purpose: Personal Information: This category envelopes the personal details you entrust to us during your interactions with The Red Tent Collective. Whether it's making a purchase, seeking information, entering into a contractual relationship, or even becoming a member, your personal information is handled with the utmost care. Engagement Data: The way you engage with our websites, applications, text communications, social media platforms, emails, paid advertisements, and customer service channels is meticulously recorded in this category. Your interactions contribute to the rich tapestry of data that helps us understand your needs and preferences better. Behavioural Data: Delving into your transactional history, purchase patterns, product searches, and even the subtle nuances of how you use products, like repeated actions, provide us with a comprehensive view of your preferences. The qualitative layer, encompassing details like mouse movement information, adds depth to this understanding. Attitudinal Data: Your satisfaction as a valued member, the criteria you consider when making purchases, your perception of offer desirability, and a multitude of other insights form the bedrock of this data type. Rest assured, the personal information that you share with us, about you, is a sacred trust. It is a commitment we hold with unwavering integrity and governed by the pillars of fairness, accountability, and transparency. Every action we take, every insight we glean, is rooted in these ethical principles, ensuring that the trust you place in us is not just honored but fortified with every interaction. In the grand steps of our journey, data serves as the vibrant thread that weaves together innovation, understanding, and progress. At The Red Tent Collective, we are not merely collectors of data; we are curators of meaningful narratives that empower you, enrich our communities, and pave the way for a future.
  • Protect your personal information
    Revealing any personal details that can lead to your identification (such as your complete name, personal email, contact number, workplace name, social media profiles, and more) might potentially be exploited for malicious purposes. It's crucial to exercise caution in how you handle your information while engaging in networking, contributing to message boards, or maintaining a blog. If you're active on online social networks or contribute to blogs, exercise prudence when it comes to your connections and the information you disclose. Prioritize connecting with individuals you have confidence in. Refrain from sharing any personal details about yourself that you wouldn't be comfortable sharing with strangers. Your vigilance in managing your personal information helps safeguard your online presence.
  • Use unique passwords
    Using the identical password across multiple accounts, such as your The Red Tent Collective account, social media profiles, and email services, significantly elevates your exposure to security risks. This practice is akin to utilizing the same key to lock your home, car, and office – should someone gain entry to one, the security of all is jeopardized. To fortify your security, adhere to these guidelines for devising and safeguarding your passwords: Do: Formulate a password comprising a minimum of eight characters, encompassing letters, numbers, and special characters. Implement distinct passwords for your computer login and various online accounts. Exercise utmost caution when responding to emails, phone calls, faxes, or letters that request your password(s). Regularly update your password. Contemplate utilizing a password manager that: Supports two-factor authentication. Prompts you to revise aging passwords. Identifies feeble or reused passwords. Alerts you to compromised websites. Seamlessly integrates with your array of devices – be it your phone, computer, tablet, or others. Don't: Resort to easily guessable options like your address, birth date, phone number, commonly used words, or your pet's name as your password. Share your passwords with anyone, irrespective of the relationship. Document your passwords within close proximity of your computer, where prying eyes could catch a glimpse. Carry your passwords in your purse or wallet, increasing vulnerability to theft. Transmit your password or credit card details via email, which is inherently insecure for such sensitive information.
  • Protect your device
    When your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone is not actively in use, it's wise to secure your screen to prevent unauthorized access. To enhance security, set your device to automatically lock after periods of inactivity. To significantly reduce the risk of exposing sensitive or private data, consider these additional precautions: Use a PIN or passphrase as a protective layer for your device. Disable features that are not currently in use, such as GPS, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi connections. Exercise caution when connecting to unfamiliar, unsecured, or public Wi-Fi networks. Before disposing of a device, ensure that all stored information is completely erased. Be cautious when encountering unsolicited text messages or emails; avoid opening files, clicking links, or dialing numbers contained within them. Keep your software up to date, including both operating systems and applications. Prior to downloading apps, carefully review their privacy policies and user reviews to verify their legitimacy. Avoid relying on "Remember Me" functions on websites and mobile apps; manually enter your username and password when logging in. Protect personal or sensitive data and communications through encryption. Be aware of potential risks, stay vigilant regarding your devices (including cables, chargers, and peripherals), and remain situationally aware. Strengthen your defense against hackers by implementing two-factor authentication. By incorporating these practices into your routine, you enhance your digital security, safeguarding your devices and personal information from potential threats.
  • Avoid phishing attacks
    Exercise caution when encountering requests for personal information: Avoid responding to questionable emails, instant messages, or pop-up windows that solicit personal details like passwords, bank account or credit card numbers, or your birth date. Even if the communication appears to originate from a trusted source such as your bank, refrain from clicking on any links or providing a reply. Instead, it's advisable to directly visit their website or utilize their app to access your account. Keep in mind, The Red Tent Collective will never initiate communications urging you to transmit passwords or financial particulars via email. Stay vigilant against impersonators: In instances where you receive an email from someone you know, but the content seems peculiar, it's possible their account has been compromised. It's prudent to abstain from responding to such messages or clicking any embedded links until you've verified the legitimacy of the email. Watch out for indicators like: Urgent pleas for funds. Individuals claiming to be stranded in foreign countries. Claims of a stolen phone preventing direct communication. Always authenticate questionable URLs or links: Phishing attempts aim to deceive you into revealing critical personal data, including passwords. These deceptive endeavors can manifest in various forms, necessitating the development of skills to identify suspicious emails and websites. A hacker might, for instance, create a seemingly genuine login page that is, in reality, counterfeit. If your password is divulged, the hacker gains access to your account or may even infect your device. To guard against falling victim to phishing: Abstain from clicking on dubious links. Verify the legitimacy of a website or app by scrutinizing the URL, ensuring it commences with "https" before divulging any information.
  • Use secure networks
    Exercise caution when utilizing public or complimentary Wi-Fi networks, even those that necessitate a password for access. It's important to recognize that these networks might lack encryption, potentially enabling individuals in proximity to surveil your online actions. This could encompass monitoring the websites you browse and the data you input on these sites. In instances where public or free Wi-Fi is your sole recourse, the Chrome browser offers a safeguard. It will indicate the security status of your connection to a website through an indicator in the address bar.
  • Report suspicious behaviour
    Please report any of the following experiences to The Greys: Spamming Impersonation of any person or entity Account takeover
  • Overview
    This Privacy Notice pertains to user information collected by The Red Tent Collective, encompassing interactions through our website and any future mobile application(s). Here is a concise overview of the key points in this Privacy Notice. Prior to engaging with our websites, apps, or sharing personal information with The Red Tent Collective, we urge you to review the complete Privacy Notice: Information Collection: When engaging with The Red Tent Collective, we gather personal information for the explicit purposes outlined in this Privacy Notice. To delve deeper into the types of personal information we collect, kindly refer here. Information Use: The personal information we collect serves various purposes, all elaborated upon here. Information Sharing: We may share the personal information you provide us with diverse parties, including our service providers and other third parties, who aid in delivering services to you. Certain third parties we collaborate with might operate beyond North American borders. Security: Safeguarding your personal information is of utmost importance to us. Discover the comprehensive measures we implement to ensure its protection in this section. Your Rights: Depending on your location, you possess distinct rights concerning your personal information. Comprehensive insights into your rights can be found in this section. Before proceeding, we strongly encourage you to absorb the complete details within the Privacy Notice. This will empower you with a comprehensive understanding of how we handle and safeguard your personal information, ensuring you make informed choices when interacting with The Red Tent Collective's platforms.
  • What types of personal information do we collect?
    When engaging with The Red Tent Collective, we gather your personal information through diverse channels, encompassing both in-store interactions and online engagements. The utilization of your personal information by The Red Tent Collective serves various functions, primarily focused on delivering our products and services and supporting vital business operations. These encompass order fulfillment, product delivery, service provision, internal business processes, marketing endeavors (inclusive of relevant advertising), authentication, prevention of losses and fraud, ensuring public safety, customer service, and addressing legal matters. It's worth noting that communications established with us, such as telephone conversations, might be recorded and reviewed to ensure protocol quality and the precision of your instructions and information. Should you prefer not to have your communications recorded, you can communicate this preference at the outset of the call, and alternative arrangements will be proposed. In pursuit of these aims, we may consolidate personal and additional information amassed through our online platforms or mobile applications with offline data, including insights from third-party sources. For an in-depth exploration of the specific applications of your personal information, we encourage you to consult our supplementary notices, which provide comprehensive details on the matter.
  • How does The Red Tent Collective protect the privacy of children online?
    We are committed to protecting children’s online privacy. Our website is a general audience website not geared towards children. In order to protect the privacy of children, The Red Tent Collective websites do not knowingly collect personal information from users under the age of 18 without prior parental consent. Please contact us via the Contact Us if you believe we may have collected information from your child and we will work to delete it.
  • How do we use your personal information?
    We require your consent for the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information by us, unless otherwise mandated or authorized by law. When you voluntarily furnish specific personal information to us, you are also implicitly granting your consent (if express verbal or written consent is not explicitly mandated) for us to gather, employ, and reveal that personal information in order to fulfill the subsequent objectives: Managing your account and providing member support. Processing payments and aiding in the resolution of payment disputes. Offering goods and services to you. Customizing content and information for tailored interactions, encompassing location customization, personalized guidance and instructions, and enhancing your overall experiences while utilizing our website and apps. Delivering targeted advertising and promotional offers that align with your browsing or purchase history, or that are particularly pertinent to your demographic profile. Engaging in communications related to promotions, products, or services we believe could be of interest to you, along with any modifications to the services we provide. Storing your data, including user account details and registrations, to obviate the need for repeated entry during subsequent visits or usage of the services. Enhancing the security of your account access. Sustaining and enhancing our websites and apps, encompassing augmenting content and functionality and tailoring page layouts. Conducting surveys and market research to enhance our offerings. Detecting and countering fraud, and further comprehending measures to safeguard your information. Safeguarding our rights and interests, which may include dispute resolution, enforcing our terms of service, or responding to legal proceedings. Safeguarding the rights and interests of our customers from entities or individuals that contravene the law or our terms of service. This is applicable in situations like account takeovers, harassment, or threats. Adhering to applicable laws. Ensuring the safety of our members, associates, and partners. In connection with a potential business sale, disposition of assets, or the management of legal claims against us, each of which is further elaborated below. Additionally, we may amass and assess aggregated and/or anonymized data to generate statistical insights. This aids us in enhancing the provision of services and monitoring user engagement across our websites and apps.
  • How do we share your personal information outside The Red Tent Collective?
    We hold a steadfast commitment to refrain from sharing, providing, leasing, or selling your personal information to any external third parties, unless additional consent is granted by you or as necessitated or allowed by law. Subject to lawful authorization, we may disclose your personal information to third parties under the following limited conditions, and with your prior consent: Other Entities within Our Collective Network: We might share your personal information with other brands and businesses within The Red Tent Collective's network. Such sharing will adhere to the principles outlined in this Privacy Notice. Service Providers: Your personal information may be shared with service providers who assist in our operational endeavors. These include shipping and delivery providers, billing and refund partners, website operators, payment processors, marketing and advertising collaborators, research and data analytics contributors, webcast hosting entities, and entities aiding us in enhancing websites, apps, products, and services. Our sharing is limited to the personal information reasonably essential for service provision. We mandate that our service providers ensure the security of your personal information through appropriate physical, technological, and administrative security measures. These providers are prohibited from employing or divulging your personal information for any purpose other than service provision. Storage and processing of your personal information by our service providers may occur in various locations where these entities or The Red Tent Collective maintain facilities. Products and Services by Other Businesses: We may facilitate the availability of products or services from other businesses to our customers, including through The Red Tent Collective's platforms. When you make purchases from these businesses via our channels, we disclose personal information related to your transaction to the respective business. Legal Obligations and Safeguarding Interests: We may share your personal information under specific circumstances, including legal requirements or instances where sharing assists in safeguarding the welfare, assets, or rights of The Red Tent Collective, our members, associates, or other individuals. Business Transfers: Should all or part of our business undergo merger, sale, or reorganization (including proceedings related to insolvency or bankruptcy), personal information about you could be shared with the succeeding entity. With Explicit Consent or Notification: Outside the contexts described above, specific notification or your consent will be sought, in accordance with legal requisites, before sharing your personal information outside our collective network of companies. Additionally, your personal information will not be sold or leased for financial gain.
  • How do we secure your personal information?
    At The Red Tent Collective, safeguarding your personal information is our unwavering commitment. Whether you're engaged in online shopping, our members' rea, or utilizing our apps we employ sensible security measures to ensure the protection of your personal information. The design of products, services, and systems within The Red Tent Collective ecosystem is rooted in a strong emphasis on privacy and security. We meticulously apply appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard personal information during transit and while at rest, mitigating the risks of unauthorized access, disclosure, loss, or misuse. Each member within The Red Tent Collective carries a responsibility for safeguarding the personal information within their control. They empowered to enact measures that forestall loss, damage, abuse, or unauthorized access to such data. Furthermore, every team member with access to personal information undergoes comprehensive privacy and information security training, equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively protect the data under their purview. Although your information is generally stored in with Wix, it's worth noting that we may engage suppliers or partners located beyond the their borders. For instance, certain computer systems, including our websites, may be operated by other contracted companies that operate in different jurisdictions, yet provide services to The Red Tent Collective. As legal protections in some of these countries may not mirror those provided by law in our jurisdiction, we ensure that comprehensive information management agreements are established with each entity processing personal information for The Red Tent Collective. These agreements mandate that your personal information, wherever held or processed, is safeguarded to the same high standard required by law. While no security measures can offer absolute assurance, it's essential to take proactive steps to prevent unauthorized access to your password, phone, and computer. Simple practices, like signing off after using a shared computer, selecting a robust password known only to you, and maintaining the confidentiality of your login credentials, can substantially enhance your security. For further insights into best practices, please refer to our guide on Staying Safe Online.
  • How long do we keep the personal information we collect?
    We retain your personal information solely for the duration necessary to fulfill the intended purposes for which it was gathered, or as allowed by relevant laws. Following this period, we either anonymize or erase your personal information. Once this process is completed, your email address is removed from our distribution lists. Additionally, unless specific data must be preserved for accounting or legal obligations (such as managing potential chargebacks), access to and visibility of your account is no longer maintained.
  • About our ads
    We use marketing and advertising to let you know about the great products and services we provide, offers available to you, events and community initiatives. For example: Online advertising: We collect information such as device identifiers and device data through cookies and other tracking mechanisms placed on our websites and websites of media partners/publishers that feature The Red Tent Collective advertising. We may use your personal information, including about which of our websites and apps you visit, and what products and services you browse and buy (online) to help ensure that the advertising you see from us is as timely and relevant as possible. Direct marketing (where marketing communications are sent directly to individuals by email, SMS or post): We may use personal information in order to send you direct marketing when you have given us permission to do so or where consent is implied based on your purchase from The Red Tent Collective. In most cases we collect this information directly from you, for example when you register for a The Red Tent account, or make purchases through We may collect your responses if you open a communication from us and click on a link to view products or offers. Push notifications (where you receive notifications directly on your device from apps): We use personal information for these notifications when you have given us permission to do so. We may use the address you have registered on your account to help ensure that notifications you receive are relevant to your location.
  • How do we use your personal information?
    In order to present personalized advertisements to you on The Red Tent Collective's website, mobile applications, and other third-party websites and applications accessed through your computer, mobile device, or tablet (collectively referred to as "websites"), both we and third-party advertising companies may employ cookies and other tracking mechanisms to gather information about your visits to our website as well as other sites. The data we collect encompasses: Products or web pages you peruse on our websites. Products you acquire from our websites. Advertisements you interact with on our websites. Whenever feasible, we apply anonymization techniques to the data to prevent the identification of individuals. Based on your interactions and experiences across websites, relevant content is curated. We extract insights from the activities of all online customers, aggregating the data in an anonymous manner. This process aids us in comprehending which features hold popularity and in enhancing our content over time. Consequently, we can tailor your online journey in a manner that resonates with you, all while upholding your privacy.
  • Who do we share it with?
    We collaborate with various third-party entities, including advertising agencies, third-party ad servers, technology vendors, providers of sponsored content, research and analytics firms, and affiliated companies within our network. This collaboration serves to enhance the performance and attractiveness of our website while also aiding us in delivering advertising and marketing that holds greater relevance for you as our valued customers. Both on websites owned and operated by The Red Tent Collective and on external sites, we employ interest-based advertising. This type of advertising, also known as personalized or targeted ads, relies on the information you provide during interactions with our sites, apps, content, and services. The data used for these ads includes activities such as purchases on our platforms, in-store transactions, or visits to other sites featuring The Red Tent Collective's content or advertisements. This approach ensures that the ads presented to you align closely with your preferences and interests.
  • Benefits of interest-based advertising
    Advertisements are customized to align with your inferred interests. To prevent repetitiveness, we restrict the display of related ads. When delivering interest-based ads, we adhere to, our sites are designed to respond to the Global Privacy Control signal. They will not respond to other types of “do not track” signals.
  • What are your choices?
    The handling of your personal information by The Red Tent Collective aligns with the guidelines outlined in this privacy notice. The method employed to obtain your consent, whether implied or explicit, is tailored to suit the nature of the personal information being collected, utilized, or shared. Marketing Preferences: You hold the authority to request the cessation of direct marketing communications at any time. To facilitate this, we incorporate an "unsubscribe" link in al