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Since Self ID Laws in Canada

This 50-year-old York University Professor has declared himself female and has been found changing with young girls and women at swim meets.  This is a call-to-action: time to apply pressure, and not only on Swim Canada & Ontario.


Policy changes take time, of course Swim Canada and Ontario should and need to abide to World Aquatics standards and policies. Here's that campaign, first:

And then, there were the sponsors...

Changing policies takes time, and if it's one thing we're running out of, it's just that. Enter the murmurs of "What if we tried applying some pressure to the sponsors?" In date of this publication, it will have been 8 days since The Red Tent Collective emailed all sponsors of the Orangeville Otters the same text as above.

We made a promise: to remove any names from this wall of shame if they did what was right.

We respected our deal.


Why the sponsors?

Let's play pretend (our turn):

If you were Jacqueline at Carters, and you were made aware that sponsorship funds are being used on a team that a) doesn't respect boundaries b) puts children at risk c) goes against World Aquatics policies -

-  and you received that email -

What would you do?

Some people should be outraged. Others will resentfully withdraw their marketing from the Otters.

May we suggest another possibility?

WHAT IF Jacqueline responded with: "We're going to look into our funds being appropriated to youth."

We say it because it happened. Not with Jacquie (Otherwise her name would not be here).


Maybe if the Otters feel pressure from all sides, they will abide by World Aquatics and respect fairness in sports?

Swim Canada and Swim Ontario NEED to change their policy.

That will take time. This...funnily enough, makes people move faster.

Why should we care? WHY DON'T YOU?
The future is in the children; we care about the future.

All information on display is publicly available.

And LASTLY, TO THE SPONSORS on this page:


Be brave. Do what's right. You KNOW what's right.

A 50-year-old man being permitted to shower and compete against young girls and women is WRONG.


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