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Women's spaces, including changing rooms, shelters, and female prisons play a crucial role in ensuring a safe environment for women. Nevertheless, recent legislation and policy changes have jeopardised the security of these areas. It is imperative that we take measures to preserve these spaces.

  1. Privacy and security: Women's spaces are designated to offer privacy and protection for biological females. Granting across the board access based solely on self-identification will present potential hazards to vulnerable women who depend on these spaces for their welfare. Changing rooms, for example, have conventionally served as an area where women can comfortably attend to personal matters, such as changing menstrual products. Upholding these boundaries is vital in maintaining dignity, respect, and bodily autonomy.

  2. Safeguard survivors: Numerous survivors of sexual assault or harassment rely on shelters and support groups as safe havens where they can find solace among those with similar experiences, while rebuilding their futures. Broadening access without proper precautions may discourage survivors from seeking assistance or inflict further emotional distress.

  3. Legal precedent: The inexhaustible examples of criminal cases globally emphasise the utmost importance of sex-segregated facilities. The multitude of rapes, assaults, kidnappings, and murders perpetrated by male individuals exploiting the self-identification laws is extensive and continuing to increase


We encourage lawmakers at all levels to prioritise the safeguarding of women's spaces by instituting guidelines that place security considerations at the forefront:

  1. Formulate policies: Create clear and concise laws and policies that acknowledge the significance of sex-segregated spaces, while offering guidance on accommodating transsexual individuals in a manner that upholds the rights and safety of everyone involved.

  2. Engage with significant stakeholders: Collaborate with women's rights organisations, LGBT advocacy groups, and survivor support networks to ensure that policy modifications are shaped by diverse viewpoints.


By endorsing this petition, we collectively urge lawmakers to defend women's spaces through carefully devised laws and policies that respect privacy. United, we can cultivate a society where everyone feels secure and respected. Let us join forces to maintain the strived for, and historically-awarded spaces for future generations of women and girls.


Engage your lawmakers

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