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Women Speak Out: An Inaugural Event in Ottawa

Updated: Sep 18

I could not care any less for a man in a dress.

Let's start with the mother threatened with arrest

for confronting a man watching her children undress.

It happened in Nanaimo, beautiful BC

but you'll never hear outrage on mainstream tv.

A man in a wig and covering his face

watching children, what a fucking disgrace.

When asked for his motives this man did not lie

he did this believing it's his human right.

Take a seat for this one it's a graphic and gory

Mom's name is Delores, what a fucking story.

A 3-month old babe his name was Quesnel

in '97 was put through pure hell.

Adam Laboucan

just 15 years old

sexually assaulted our babe

his body left cold.

The act, so violent he was flown to be saved

reconstructive surgery 600 clicks away.

If you thought that was it cover youngin's ears

the story gets worse as we go through the years.

After the ghastly assault, Laboucan felt thin

he mutilated himself and ate his own skin.

He didn't stop there, his wrists not enough

wanting to be a woman he tried chopping his dick off.

During the trial experts said it so:

transsexual tendancies and of a course, a pedo.

Charges not laid, Laboucan 15

the courts did wait 'til he was no longer a teen.

In 99

the day finally came:

Laboucan, 17

imprisoned for his crime.

Years went by, he lost an appeal,

but then the omen!

Self ID sealed the deal:

he's now a woman!

The Institute for women his brand new nest.

It didn't take time for him to cause unrest.

A skirt won’t change shit when a predator is near.

Now, these women share a cell in fear.

He's flung an inmate by her hair and then kicked her face.

Others have been assaulted is this the only case?

How many is enough until we say NO WAY?

Well, lovely souls, today seems like that day.

Alas, the chaos has accomplished one task,

it’s brought us together, as women, no masks.

We’ve gathered together, ladies and gents

under one banner known as The Red Tent.

This isn't about the right or the left,

a terf, a smurf, we’re humans, give it a rest.

This is about women about children about right and wrong.

Drop the labels, stop fighting, we need to stay strong!

Womanhood is ours, it’s our fucking turf!

I’ll be damned if I concede to a man in a skirt!

I could not care any less for a man in a dress,

but I'm seeing a pattern I must confess. Spoken at the inaugural event, Women Speak Out

Ottawa, Canada

September 9th, 2023

Watch the whole event here on Youtube.

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