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To Marie, To all the women of the Earth, To men

There I was, checking my Facebook notifications, when this tag of me needed approval:

picture of my friend's post from facebook. English tranlsation follows.

For his own privacy, I've blurred out his username. C'est un québécois ambitieux ! I love my friends.

English translation, with the original post below:

To Marie,

To all the women of the Earth,

To men,

A woman is much more than a creature that dresses and undresses. She is the supreme instance that perpetuates the production of our universal organization.

She is the gateway to the stars because she manufactures the perfectly structured assemblies made up of atomic elements of star dust that we are.

It is she who makes possible the beats of all our hearts in an organized chaos that mysteriously resembles the thermodynamic impulse of the universe's expansion.

She produces man and ensures his perpetuity through multiplicity. She animates him since the dawn of time by the sole desire to love, reproduce, and survive.

She is the ultimate miracle, for she is the portal to all the miracles of humanity.

And since we are children of the stars and we all possess within us the memory of the universe, I suspect that it is She who created it.

God is a woman, my friends.

I'm not crying. YOU ARE. Send this to someone who needs to read it. If this touched you as much as it did me, let the author know in the comments - I'll be sure he gets your message ;) Merci, Manu.

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